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NEXRAD Dual-Polarization Level-II and Level-III Products
Technical Information Notice

The WSR-88D (Weather Surveillance Radar- 1988, Doppler) Field Test of the Dual Polarization modification at Vance AFB, OK (KVNS) has begun. The KVNX Level II data, including the three added dual polarization moments, are on the Level II Data Collection and Distribution Network. The KVNX dual polarization products will be distributed beginning March 8. Historical KVNX data (Dual-Pole available since March 4th, 2011):

Below is the the Technical Information Notice with details:




Technical Implementation Notices 10-22 and 10-23 Corrected
National Weather Service Headquarters Washington DC
1022 AM EST Tue Nov 2 2010

To:         Subscribers
            -Family of Services
            -NOAA Weather Wire Service
            -Emergency Managers Weather Information Network
            -Other NWS Partners and Employees

From:       Richard J. Vogt
            Director, WSR-88D Radar Operations Center

Subject:    Corrected: Modified Dates for WSR-88D Dual
            Polarization Products and Level II Data


Reference:  Technical Implementation Notice (TIN) 10-22 dated
            May 14, 2010: Implementation of WSR-88D Dual
            Polarization Level II Data: Effective
            November 17, 2010 with Dual Polarization
Reference:  TIN 10-23 dated May 19, 2010: Addition of Dual
            Polarization WSR-88D Products to SBN, NOAAPORT,
            and RPCCDS: Effective with WSR-88D Dual
            Polarization November 2010 Beta Test
Corrected to include corrected references above. Minor formatting 
changes below to improve readability, no substantive changes.
The first Weather Surveillance Radar-1988, Doppler (WSR-88D) Beta 
Test start date has moved to January 2011.  NWS anticipates the 
first dual polarization products and Level II data will be 
transmitted from the Beta Test sites approximately 12 days after 
the modification begins at each site.  Sites will issue a Free 
Text Message (FTM) before starting the modification and another 
FTM before starting transmission of dual polarization products 
and Level II data. The estimated dates for the modification start 
and the start of dual polarization data follows, subject to change:


                                          START DATE
Wichita , KS (ICT)          Jan 4           Jan 16
Phoenix , AZ (KIWA)         Jan 24          Feb  6
Fort Polk , LA (KPOE)       Feb 14          Feb 27
Morehead City , NC (KMHX)   Feb 28          Mar 13
Chicago , IL (KLOT)         Feb 28          Mar 13
The following information is available at the link below:
- Modification deployment schedule, subject to change, for
  the rest of the WSR-88Ds.
- Interface Control Documents for dual polarization data.
- Additional dual polarization information.  
The centrally collected WSR-88D products and Level II will be 
archived at the National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) and will 
be available for download from: 
KOUN Level II data is available in real time, subject to down 
periods during testing, via the NWS Level II Data Collection, 
Distribution, and Archive network.

KOUN products are not being generated and transmitted by a 
baseline Radar Product Generator in real time; however, the 
National Severe Storms Laboratory is generating displays of 
KOUN products, not using baseline software.  These displays 
are available on an experimental basis at: 


Training materials for NEXRAD agency and external users are 
available at:

If you have questions or comments, please contact:

  Tim Crum
  WSR-88D Radar Operations Center
  Mike Istok
  NWS Office of Science and Technology
National Technical Implementation Notices are online at: