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Weather and Climate Toolkit

NOAA's Weather and Climate Toolkit is an application that provides simple visualization and data export of weather and climatological data archived at NCDC. The Toolkit also provides access to weather/climate web services provided from NCDC and other organizations.

The Viewer provides tools for displaying custom data overlays, Web Map Services (WMS), animations and basic filters. The export of images and movies is provided in multiple formats, such as KMZ, AVI and Animated GIF.

The Data Exporter allows for data export in both vector point/line/polygon and raster grid formats.

This toolkit is the successor to the Java NEXRAD Tools . It supports any Level-II data (Super-Res Message 31, partially BZipped (ARV0001) and legacy (ARCHIVE2)) and most Level-III products.

Current data types supported:

  • U.S. Drought Monitor Service (from the National Drought Mitigation Center (NDMC))
  • NEXRAD Radar Data (Level-II and Level-III)
  • GOES Satellite AREA Files (coming soon)