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RAPID RESPONSE PROJECT: September 1999 - Last Updated October 1st, 1999


(Courtesy of NOAA Office of Global Programs)

*The information provided in the RRP updates is gathered from a variety of wire and news sources as well as country and international agency reports. It does not necessarily reflect the focus or interest of NOAA's Office of Global Programs and is meant only as source of condensed information.

** All products of the RRP are archived at: Rapid Response Project

RAPID RESPONSE PROJECT: The summaries are broken down into weekly reports.

Impacts Reported as of 08/30/99- 09/03/99

BANGLADESH (flood) According to Reuters heavy rains and associated flooding in northern and central Bangladesh affected 50,000 families. 10 deaths were reported.

BRAZIL (fire) Two months of below normal rainfall has helped cause forest fires throughout western Brazil. Government officials said that the fires had effected some electric wires, and Ibama noted that last month 31,000 fires were reported in 15 states.

CAMEROON (flood) Unusually heavy rains in the northern part of the country reportedly killed nine people while leaving another ten missing.

ETHIOPIA (drought) The BBC reported that drought has severely affected Ethiopia's crops.

FIRE Fires and hotspots noted in California and South America. Images available at:

MAURITIUS (drought) Reuters reported that drought affecting Mauritius is expected to reduce revenues from sugar exports by $158 million USD.

MOROCCO (drought) The US has pledged 100,000 tonnes of wheat to Morocco to help it with a grain shortfall caused by drought.

NEPAL (flood, landslides) It was reported that floods and landslides since June have caused 126 deaths in Nepal. 44 people are missing while another 66 were reportedly injured. About $2 million USD worth of property has been destroyed this summer.

SOUTH AFRICA (storm) Strong winds affecting the Cape Town area reportedly caused 4 deaths and left 5,000 homeless.

VENEZUELA (flood) The IFRC reported that heavy rains caused flooding in 13 counties. Five people have reportedly died while the floods affected another 51,000.

UNITED STATES (hurricane)(Dennis) As a result of trees downed by winds caused by hurricane Dennis, 56,000 people were temporarily without power. As a tropical storm, Dennis has flooded many barrier islands and stranded several thousand.

UNITED STATES (drought) The USDA reported that the drought affecting much of the eastern United States could cost farmers as much as $1.1 billion (USD) in lost income.

Impacts Reported as of 09/06/99- 09/10/99

BULGARIA (flood) Heavy rains in eastern Bulgaria left 3 dead and 11 villages without electricity. Several bridges were also destroyed or severely damaged.

CHINA (tropical storm Wendy) Reuters and the AP reported that Tropical Storm Wendy has affected the Zhejiang province since Saturday. 133 people were reportedly killed, 59 missing, 2,600 injured, and 528,000 affected. 38,000 head of livestock were also destroyed. 2,000 houses have been destroyed with another 8,000 damaged. Total economic damage is estimated at $277.9 million USD. The city of Wenzhou has reportedly been the most severely affected.

MEXICO (hurricane Greg) Hurricane Greg, affecting the Pacific coast of Mexico, has left nine people dead. 1,000 were evacuated from, and several thousand were reportedly stranded in, the Colima, Michoacan and Jalisco states.

UNITED STATES (mosquitoes) Mosquito eggs, laid earlier in the summer while drought affected the eastern United States, have hatched following storms. In New York three people have died from encephalitis -- a disease spread by mosquitoes.

Impacts Reported as of 09/13/99- 09/17/99

BRAZIL (fire) Hotspots and fires noted in Brail. Images available at:

CHINA (typhoon York)(Hong Kong) Reuters reported that typhoon York, affecting Hong Kong on Thursday, left one person dead, one missing, and 493 injured, Nearby rural areas were also hit by the typhoon. 200 flights into and out of Hong Kong were affected.

EL SALVADOR (flood) Flooding along the Lempa River has reportedly affected five provinces while inundating 5,000 homes.

HURRICANE FLOYD Bahamas- The AP noted that one person from the Grand Bahama was killed following hurricane Floyd. Several people were also injured on Providence Island. Structural damage had yet to be assessed as communications were severely affected, however it was believed that significant damage occurred on the eastern islands of San Salvador, Eleuthera, Abaco, Cat Island, Rum Cay, Man-O-War Cay, Green Turtle Cay, and Elbow Cay.

US- Various media sources have reported between 2 and 3 million people were evacuated up and down the east coast. There have been reports of between four and sixteen deaths; school cancelled in Washington, Baltimore, all of New Jersey, Philadelphia and New York City; Delta and United Airlines flights severely disrupted; the New York Board of Trade closed the CSCE and NYCE markets; roughly 1.4 million people were temporarily without power along the east coast from South Carolina to New Jersey; flooding and polluted runoff.

INDIA (flood) Reuters reported that the Indian Election Commission was considering postponing elections in parts of Bihar due to flooding.

NIGER (flood) Flooding has reportedly left seven people dead and displaced 22,000. Reuters reported that some 53,370 acres of farmland and 2,000 homes had been destroyed by heavy rains. There have also been unconfirmed reports of heavy rain and localized flooding in Burkina Faso as well as parts of northern Ghana.

SUDAN (flood) Reuters reported that the flash floods affecting Dongola on Sunday have displaced some 50,000 people and noted the Al Sahafa daily reported 8,115 houses, 320 shops, 32 food stores, 23 public corporations, 163 government houses, six mosques and 22 schools and nurseries destroyed. The AFP noted that several hundred head of livestock had drowned.

Impacts Reported as of 09/18/99- 09/20/99

CENTRAL AMERICA (flooding) Reuters reported that storm related flooding in southern Mexico, Honduras and El Salvador has resulted in 14 deaths. In Mexico 25,000 people were reportedly evacuated. In El Salvador 2,000 were evacuated. Guatemala and Nicaragua also reported storm related flooding.

Impacts Reported as of 09/18/99- 09/24/99

BERMUDA (hurricane Gert) Hurricane Gert reportedly left 11,000 people temporarily without power. Some damage to homes and beaches. No injuries or deaths were reported.

CENTRAL AMERICA (flooding) Reuters reported that storm related flooding in southern Mexico, Honduras and El Salvador has resulted in 14 deaths. In Mexico 25,000 people were reportedly evacuated. In El Salvador 2,000 were evacuated. Guatemala and Nicaragua also reported storm related flooding.

FIRE Fires and hotspots noted in South America. Images available at:

HONDURAS (flood) OCHA reported that flooding in Honduras left 2,179 persons affected, 4 dead, 1 injured, 1,349 persons evacuated to temporary shelters as well as 367 houses, 2 schools, 10 temporary emergency bridges (Bailey type) either damaged or destroyed. 730 ha of banana and 170 ha of sugar cane were also damaged.

JAPAN (typhoon Bart) Rains associated with typhoon Bart resulted in two deaths on Wednesday in Okinawa.

MAURITANIA, NIGER (storms and flooding) According to Reuters Mauritania and Niger were affected by storms and flooding this past weekend and on Monday appealed for international assistance. Seven deaths were reported. In Mauritania 600 families were reportedly displaced to shelters. Niger appealed for $119 million in aid to repair flood damaged infrastructure.

SOMALIA (drought) The BBC reported that drought affecting the northeastern region of Somalia has worsened the food situation. The BBC also noted that water shortages were occurring in some villages around the towns of Alula and Bargaal.

UNITED STATES (storm) Various media reports noted a storm in Arizona destroyed 50 homes while damaging another 150. 9,000 homes and businesses in the Phoenix area were temporarily without electricity.

UNITED STATES (hurricane Floyd) The reported deaths caused by hurricane Floyd have risen to 48. Various media noted that agricultural losses in just North Carolina are expected to exceed $1 billion USD. In that state one million chickens and 100,000 hogs are believed dead from flooding caused by Floyd.

Impacts Reported as of 09/27/99- 10/01/99

CHINA (tropical storm Cam) On Sunday, September 26th, 1999 tropical storm Cam affected Hong Kong. 23 people were injured and 57 flights were affected.

CENTRAL AMERICA (floods, rain) Heavy rains for the past several weeks have resulted in flooding in parts of Central America. OCHA situation reports have noted that in Nicaragua 5 people have died and 100,000 been affected by flooding. 1,563 people were also evacuated. 112 houses as well as 34 roads were damaged. OCHA also reported that in Honduras 6,500 people have been evacuated. 85 homes were destroyed while another 652 were damaged. In addition 10 bridges were destroyed and other 6 damaged. 3,000 people in El Salvador have been evacuated and in Costa Rica 1,500 were evacuated. It was also reported that in Costa Rica flooding damaged 12 bridges, 6 aqueducts, 8 sewage systems, 66 houses and a school. Media sources reported a total of 29 flood-related deaths in the region.

FIRE Fires and hotspots were noted in northern and western California. Images available at:

JAPAN (typhoon Bart) It is now reported that 25 deaths and 300 injuries resulted when typhoon Bart caused flash floods and spawned a tornado last Friday.

NIGERIA The BBC noted that floods have inundated 200 villages around the Kaduna and Niger rivers in central Nigeria. 39 people had reportedly died. The flooding resulted in part when the sluice gates of the Kaniji, Jebba and Shiroro dams were opened after heavy rains threatened to burst the dams.

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