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Satellite Datasets in Development

NCDC performs data stewardship and climate analysis using satellite data in the Products Branch of the Remote Sensing and Applications Division.

Ongoing Satellite Dataset Development includes:

Dataset Description Spatial Information Temporal Information Contact
Geostationary Surface Albedo Land surface albedo as derived from GOES-8, GOES-10, and GOES-12 visible channel data. Ancillary input data include NCEP values for total column water vapor and ozone. This is NOAA's Level 2 contribution to an international SCOPE-CM project, which will produce a near-global Level 3 land surface albedo product from a constellation of 5 geostationary satellites. Land only; 70N–70S, 160E–10W; 2km 10-day; 20002003 Email
HIRS Temperature and Moisture Profiles A neural network approach is applied to estimate atmospheric profiles of temperature and humidity from HIRS channel brightness temperatures. Global; varying resolution

Twice daily per satellite; 1979–2009

AMSU Near-surface Temperature and Moisture Retrievals of near surface temperature and moisture from AMSU. The goal is to use such data to help estimate surface heat fluxes over the ocean. Ocean only; 1 deg.

Daily; 2001–2006


For more information on Products Branch dataset development, contact the NCDC Products Branch Chief.