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Derived / Other Model Data

An animation of global Extended Reconstruction Sea Surface Temperatures for the year 1854. Each month in the animation sequence is a monthly mean. This image was produced with the Grid Analysis and Display System (GrADS) and ImageMagick.

The following other datasets and product-generating services are available through the National Operational Model Archive and Distribution System (NOMADS).

  • Sea Surface Temperatures (SST) and Winds
    Several SST and ocean wind datasets, from different satellites, are available through NOMADS, each with a different period of record.
  • Service Records Retention System (SRRS)
    SRRS is a store of weather observations, summaries, forecasts, warnings, and advisories generated by the U.S. National Weather Service (NWS) for public use.
  • NOMADS Ensemble Probability Tool
    The NOMADS Ensemble Probability Tool allows a user to query the Global Ensemble Forecast System (GEFS) to determine the probability that a set of forecast conditions will occur at a given location using all of the 21 separate GEFS ensemble members.