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Integrated Surface Database (ISD)

The Integrated Surface Database (ISD) consists of global hourly and synoptic observations compiled from numerous sources into a single common ASCII format and common data model. ISD integrates data from over 100 original data sources.

The database comprises over 20,000 stations worldwide, with some having data as far back as 1901. Currently there are over 11,000 stations "active" and updated daily in the database. ISD includes numerous parameters such as wind speed and direction, wind gust, temperature, dew point, cloud data, sea level pressure, altimeter setting, station pressure, present weather, visibility, precipitation amounts for various periods, snow depth, and various other elements as observed by each station.

  • Search Tool
    Search for data after agreeing to the regulations regarding data usage. We recommend this type of access for small volumes of data. For large volumes of data, use FTP.
  • FTP
    Download ASCII versions of the ISD data from our FTP area. We recommend this type of access for large volumes of data.